Tiger Beatdown: Come one, come all! Feminist and Social Justice blogging as performance and bloodshed


In which I attempt to examine some of the most toxic aspects of feminist and Social Justice blogging. Or perhaps, to put it in simpler words (which is not really my forte), how we have turned this culture into mere entertainment for the era of Reality TV. Blood spills and all.

Words cannot express how much I needed to read this article, because the culture Flavia describes has been bugging me for some time now — not just online, but offline. I believe wholeheartedly in social justice, but I cannot support social justice without compassion and forgiveness, and well, tumblr doesn’t always have the best grip on either of those.

(And I’m not saying I always live up to my own standards — thank god for Flavia talking about how we are both oppressors and oppressed and we need to be conscious of that within ourselves — but I am trying to be more conscious of not just what other people are saying, but what I’m saying. It’s a process. I’m never going to be entirely done with it.)

Anyway. Check it out. And I hope this message spreads.

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